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If you are looking to build muscle and you want to do it properly and not rush into such exercises that might harm your overall health, then you are in the right place. Here we are going to guide you through the guidelines which everyone should follow through their journey of building muscle. The half of the journey is basically covered when you become consistent in what you are doing. The following points will guide you through the exercise guidelines which you need to just keep in mind as you are on your journey to building muscles.

1.       Warm up.

Before any kind of exercise, whether it is a jog or a dead lift, you need to get those muscles warmed up. You should never workout intensely on cold muscles it can lead you to have injuries.

2.       Workout harder but shorter.

Training for longer times is good and can build endurance, but it will not help you gain strength or muscle you need to increase weights and limit your workout to 45 minutes. If you do not find that last set impossible then you need to increase the weight you are lifting.

3.       Cover your whole body.

You are set to benefit to the maximum if you include your whole body in the part of your routine. You need to give all the muscles equal amount of attention.

4.       Limited cardio.

It can be great if you are looking to burn fat, but it will however limit your muscle growth as it will burn your amino acids.

5.       Rest.

This is probably the most important of all. You need to give your muscles a proper rest in order for them to build up. As your body needs time to recover if you do not get proper rest, you will not be able to achieve your goals.

The Perfect Canadian Futon + Covers!

We the north – strong, beautiful, and cold, cold, cold….then, almost overnight, hot, hot, hot. I always thought Canada had four seasons each year, but it’s seeming more and more like there are only two – extreme hot and extreme cold! In both extremes, it’s so hard to get and stay comfortable.

Adjusting to the extreme temperatures

In the hot, if you’ve got air conditioning, you’re set. Crank that baby up and let her keep you cool. But, even with it turned up to the max, you could still find yourself a sweaty, sticky mess, suctioned down to your seat, leaving your calling card in the form of a puddle of perspiration. And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, the cold – oh, the cold – can be so bone-chilling that you’ll want to crank your oven to 400 and bake yourself in it!

A simple change in the type of fabric you’re sitting or laying on can make such a big difference. And, if you’re using your futon to sleep on regularly, it could mean the difference between a good night’s sleep, a bad night or no sleep at all.

Stylish in any season

Good thing there are futon covers that are perfect for both seasons in Canada. Soft, comfy and cozy futon covers are ideal for snuggling into through those cold, seemingly endless winter months. Then, when summer finally decides to make it’s scorching hot grand entrance, you can just switch over to a soft, light and breathable futon cover.

Canada is amazing for so many reasons, and our crazy weather is part of our charm. Just be prepared for what’s coming; And, much like you’d pull out your toque and parka when the leaves start to change color, it might also be a good time to pull out your winter futon cover, so you’ll stay warm inside the house and out.

Canadian Winters Are Calling For Shorter Hair Styles

There is a huge growing trend in Canada recently with the whole feminism wave for women to get shorter haircuts. They claim it makes life easier for them because the hair no longer gets in their face or in any way of what they are currently doing. They do report on missing their previously long hair as that in alone they feel is a personal trait of themselves that they have hung onto their whole life, but they feel it is necessary for their happiness.


How are barbers and stylists responding?

Because of this, a lot of barbers and hair stylists are now reading up and researching the short hair cuts that are currently popular. Within the whole short haircut scene, some of the most popular are short choppy hairstyles. Reason being is because it is not quite like a masculine short haircut, but still is short enough to make the woman feel liberated. It still has a womanly look to, but not quite as long as it used to be.

A happy medium for a haircut, if you will. A lot of women who have a hair cut in the range of this hair style are beyond the happiest in recent surveys on women with long hair and short hair. This is a great idea for anyone, even men, who are not fully committed to getting rid of their hair. Also, they feel if they don’t cut it all off, and then regret the cut, the hair will grow back sooner. A buffer haircut, if you will.

Another reason is that with the cold Canadian winters there is always a chance of long hair freezing and actually snapping off. Resulting in uneven hair and then having to get it cut. So this has been a huge factor. Not only that, but women are just looking to go along with the times. And that is how history has always been.

How Canadians Are Getting Really Good At Clash Royale Really Fast

If you were wondering how to get better at Clash Royale, truth be told there is some simple practice techniques you can use. It really is something else when you are able to win game after game after game. Making your Dad proud because he finally has a son that is doing nothing but winning. It is a great feeling. But, how do you get to that point where every kid on the block is jealous of your ridiculous Cmaxresdefault (4)lash Royale skill?

Use Free Tools to Get Ahead

Well, to put it simply, a lot of guys will purposely modify the game in a closed quarters setting and practice with their friend. This is a great way to make yourself get better because if you are using the chest simulator for Clash Royale in the game, then you can use all the different tools available to you provided by the programmers. It makes you get a true feeling for what kind of different strategies you want to play, and how you want to play them. Not only those two, but when you want to play them as well. You cannot expect yourself to be a great player if you never give yourself full on process with all the game has to offer.

Play Against People Who Are Better Than You

So, once you have done that, we recommend you really push yourself and try to play against people much better than you. This allows you to see what they do in real time against their opponents and in turn will allow you to get a better grip on how to control the game and make it work for you. A lot of guys who seem God like at first, will soon be just as good as you or worse than you should you stay consistent with your practice. This is crucial to remember because day to day your skill will feel like it hasn’t gotten any higher. But, looking back you will be able to see that it is.

Save Money by Losing Weight

Did you know that cutting your weight will save you money? More money in your pocket for savings, entertainment, house renovations. Anything you want, but you will have the money for it should you drop a few pounds. It is crazy to think about, but it does happen.

When you are extremely overweight, or obese, you need to buy more food so you can feed yourself the amount that your body is telling you need. The more extra weight you put on the more you need to stay satisfied. When this happens it is a downward spiral because your wallet really starts taking a hit. But, with some weight loss you can reverse this wallet killing effe

ct and take back control of your finances.

Buy Heavy Foods Low in Calories

This is why fruits and vegetables are so popular in diets. They will help you stay full, but will not stack up on calories in your everyday eating. This is crucial because in order to keep our stomachs happy, there needs to be food in them. But, in order to keep our calories down to lose weight, we need to make sure that we plan our calorie intake accordingly and don’t overdo it.

Saving money on stuff that we shouldn’t be overspending on to begin with is a great feeling. It will help you stay in line with your goals, as well as overall enjoy your life more. People will tell you money can’t buy you happiness, but in reality having financial security in this world is all a lot of us need to feel happy and content with ourselves. And it can all start


with you eating less during weight loss. Imagine that, you get to keep more money while simply making yourself look better and have more confidence. Seems like a really good trade-off to us!